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About us

        Games Web site: Dogame arsenal Web site(www.dogame.com.cn)
Web site has been devoting to providing services to Internet Game Industry since 2005. In order to game development industry, It has been guiding Game Production Newcomers to join Internet Game Industry. Now it has a professional and systematic art of the game industry members, is mainly composed of practitioners in the field of game development, students of various arts institutions, as well as the majority of students in the social composition of game enthusiasts. Web site has become the gaming industry and business service platform, the release of trade information platform for exchange and communication between industry blog platform as well as students and lovers of learning employment platform. It is currently one of the domestic large-scale art making of the Internet medium.

1 Dogame Tutorial Channel(http://edu.dogame.com.cn/

        Including more than 3000 members of the study course provided free of charge, Its contents relate to all aspects of game making, massive game tutorial, frequently asked questions online, online assistance, network video classroom, and it creates the latest and most complete game making of the Tutorial Channel.

2 Dogame recruitment and employment platform(http://job.dogame.com.cn/

         Arsenal game is a powerful platform to promoting, Including job-platform of games talents , providing the latest new of recruitment Information as well as the transmission of the games talent, HR online games.

3 Dogame Game Advisory Channel(http://www.dogame.com.cn/gm-space/html/news.html)

        Including the provision of up-to-date industry information, software and hardware information of game, the interview with the games industry, the information of gaming companies and games literature.

4 Dogame Resources Channel (http://ziyuan.dogame.com.cn/)

        Including software and plug-ins, the original painting of games, the reference materials of games, maps of games, magazines and books and other resources to download massively.

5  Dogame blog Channel(http://www.dogame.com.cn/gm-space/html/blog.html)

        Emotional expression of the gamers and creative ideas, through making friends in Internet Game Industry , communication and emotional messages to each other to expand their industry networks.

6 Dogame Community Forum(http://www.dogame.com.cn/bbs)

        Including members exchange platform, release of information resources, business exchanges, games technical exchanges and so on.



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