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《Happy Immortals》  Website:http://kl.linekong.com/
《Happy Immortals》A mythological subject matter of Q version turn-based web game is responsible for the 2D of the original painting, 2D icons, expression animation , 3D art, the special effects and so on.
《 Seven Swords》   Website:http://qj.798game.com/

《 Seven Swords》A large-scale MMORPG online game is responsible for props,scencs and roles production.

《 Tales of Liaozhai》   Website:http://lz.798game.com/

《 Tales of Liaozhai》As the background of Chinese ancient culture,the Q version of large-scale 3D multiplayer online game is responsible for 3D art,2D icons production and so on.

《 Immortals  online》   Website:http://sx.798game.com/

Q version of casual online game is responsible for 3D scenes and roles production.……..



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